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1. 1000 Mile Drift – International Observer
2. Transient Transmissions – Deep Fried Dub
3. Rude Mechanicals – Mistrust
4. Bird Soul – Fold Vs Horace
5. Bird Soul - Subtone
6. Sonic Colonic - Patch
7. South Of The Line - Bluetech
8. Harmonia - Neon Stereo
9. Please Leave Quietly – Johnny Hooves
10. Bird Soul – Kerretta
11. 1000 Mile Drift – Simon Flower
12. Harmonia – Rob
13. Fragile Ladders – Groove Yantra
14. Please Leave Quietly – Friends Electric

Rhythm, Sound and Movement is a collection of remixes of tracks from Pitch Black’s Rude Mechanicals album, which, reflecting the duo’s wide ranging tastes and styles, encompasses nearly every genre of electronica/dance music there is.

Release Date: 4th of May 2009.

Next up, the gods of dub willing, will be Third Ear Audio's debut and International Observer's third album.

PS Oh, and Mike and Paddy are on the road a lot this year:

4-8 June – Australia
11-21 June – USA
8-27 July – Europe
6-17 August – USA
20-24 August – Japan
2-14 September – New Zealand
4-23 November - USA

Dubmission Records


Dates will be posted on pitchblack.co.nz.

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