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Preparing for another hot summer of trance and dance...

...DJ General Juice from South Africa has carefully selected nine musical pearls.

Groovy, lovely and full of melodies. South Africa has a young history in progressive trance and a brand new and experimental generation of artists. Even though psychedelic trance has been the norm, every genre is widely represented since the country itself lives and breathes trance. What better person could we have chosen to compile the CD than DJ General Juice who is one of Iono Music's leading Djs and the label's 1st representative from South Africa.

Juice's journey into electronic dance music started on the dance floors of Vortex and Alien Safari about 11 years ago. From the very beginning the main focus was on perfecting his mixing skills, creating long overlays, connecting the grooves and stirring up the trancendental magic.

This release is full of that magic! Brand new and exclusive material from the world of progressive trance, his collection 'Crimson Underground' brings you a great selection of Progressive Beats, covering the wide range of today's scene and trends. You will find driving bass lines as well as morning ambiences featured by some new talents and some well known artists.

All tracks are top quality, fresh, mature and deep trance sounds - compiled by General Juice.

Style: Progress Trance


1. Sacha

2. Holding Back

3. Thrilled Version 2

4. Information I.S.Y.
5. Back Together (Klopfgeister rmx)
6. Alive

7. Mind Expander (Solano rmx)

8. Limited Velocity

9. Traditional ways of healing

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